Rabu, 08 Juli 2015

Only At Ramadhan, These Moments Are Happen

Ramadhan 1436 H is happen on middle of June this year, start from June 18th till July 16th (insyallah) i've prepared to meet this month.

How happy are you to meet this Ramadhan ?

I would like to tell you how wonderfull this month and how can Ramadhan influenze my daily activities.

Ramadhan means fasting and pre-Ied celebration when i'm still in elementary school, this opinion changed when i'm in senior hig school while i've been getting transition from teenage to adult. I love this month very much because we could repair also improve our faith well and closer to my Lord; Creator; God (Allah SWT).

This month influenze all my daily, behaviour, emotion, mood also activities. Usually i only waste whole night for nap or just hanging out. On this (Ramadhan) i waste my whole night to worship and pray; tarawih, tadarus, sahur eating and nap (about 4 to 5 hours perday) so i have no time to hang out or just being bored by hibernation on my bed.

On it (Ramadhan) can make my relation with family and friends closer. I share food, story, happiness also business to all of them frequently. One of our agenda we always plan to BUKBER (open fasting together) at home or looking for new or ordinary restaurants to have meal when Adzan Magrib (warn to break fasting soon) has came. especially only in Ramadhan you & all of muslim around the globe have a meal time between night and Subuh Time, we called Sahur (eating before Imsyak arrive).

I don't want to count how munch this day on Ramadhan pass it by, i just wanna fill day by day full of activitities that could bring me to "fitrah" on Syawal 1st, 1436H - Amin.

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