Kamis, 29 Oktober 2015

Speak Out Loud Not To Speak Too Much

Six months i have stayed on this boarding house during that period i have been keeping up with all of them, day by day has made me falling in borderless.

Each day passed by happiness without sadness within. Singing along, making sounds, cooking, planning activities, satisfying our hobbies, watching tv, etc until love has taking role play on it and luring me to stay.

"Yeah . . . I'm new comer" - but we have not been knowing each other without spoke and told intensively, guess those were alternate making us staying closer, but it has been starting my awkward moments and situations which has not shown yet.

Now i'm feeling guilty, i have revealed also shown bad habit and those have told about my fucking freaking story - I don't want to mention it as will as i wanna escaping from this place and try new once but, it would be the same.

Speak Out Loud is needed to roar your information, influenze each other to be better, reveal the truths and taking or getting attention but keep your mouth not to Speak Too Much because mouth doesn't have a brain to think and heart to feeling.

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