Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Hashtag Togotohappiness : Stay Positive In All Situation

Daily routine is our life circle, we couldn't pass but we could make it---good or bad. Daily routine is quite boring when we couldn't have any activity to do, but when you have so much activities but you can't bring and enjoy "stress" will arrive and drag to bad situation which never plan before.

If you really "stress" on your single day. May you have to try these tips who could make your daily routine bright and light.

Here is #Togotohappiness to do list that you should try :

-Think & Do what you want
-Raise your faith to the next chapter
-Pump up your beat
-Stay longer mind set
-Excercise regularly
-Act much no talk only
-Love yourself
-Repair your daily routine
-Streght your body, mind and soul
-Hold your old buddy, find the others
-Replace worst into well
-Stay calm and be patient
-Throw up past, catch up future
-Thinking out of the box
-Sing a loud
-Closer to the "GOD"
-Tight up your family
-Fearless to anything
-Get Out from your comfort zone

Wish all could help you stay light and bright also bring motivation to stay "positive" in all of situation.

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