Senin, 15 Februari 2016

Cohmy Has Hipnotized By Amateur Menthalist

In the lonelly hours . . . Skip! There was not lonellyness, togetherness only. Cohmy, Wisnu, Desi, Bambang and always me (Omen) ---in this occassion I were called Sport Club team--- have met-up at "Bale Bebakaran Restaurant" located near XT-Square Garden, Jl. Mentri Supeno No. 100 Umbul Harjo Yogyakarta, More details single click on it @bale_bebakaran.

This meet up was going to evaluate our event "Panpages Sport Club : 1st gathering", making to do list also for planning our agenda in 2016 ---we wish, could stay together and take longer position--- instead of talk about Sport's Club Agenda, we prefered to look into list menu of Restaurant. Hmmm, all dishes arouse our appetite and succed stealing our focus.

After, made choices : Desi, Cohmy, Wisnu and I prefered to chicken package ---consist of chicken breast, sambal, lalapan including rice--- while Bambang really interested in crunchy deep friend mushroom with glaze of sugar (or) honey ---I tasted honey instead of sugar as food. Various beverages available in here and we decided to ordered Iced lemon tea, iced lemon lime, lime squash ---has same taste with iced lemon lime, but added lemongrass with slim-tall glass--- also iced tea. cap-cay (dish that consist of ten ingredients especially vegetables) and stir kangkung with garlic as complement. Importantly all food and beverages which have ordered has reasonable price, range from 6k for beverage and 10k for food.

food and beverage

After a few minutes and we had Magrib pray, all food and beverage already served. Ok, let's dig in !!

Congratulation, dishes and beverage so enjoyfull and our stomach really fulled, but all of agenda never finished to do. Oh. . . , this situation make me bored untill Bambang had a great idea to rise up our focus with hipnotizing trick ---this one who has steal our mind. Bambang already with all of suggestion and quite trick seasoned with naration from magnet that glued our fingers and stone who has crushed our balance till Cohmy ---one of our team--- gave too much focus with this trick and brought to deep hipnotize till unconscious so Bambang ready making a private questions. 

We tried to asked about "what is your (Cohmy) name? " as starter, next question we asked "Who is your (Cohmy) popular; famous idol which became his major?" Cohmy said XO (eks-so) ---one of popular k-pop boyband from South Korea. In Cohmy's subconscious Bambang gave a suggestion that a little man with straight-black-hair who were using white-milk-polo shirt (it's me) was one of XO member. Cohmy waken up and said, "Oh, my God XO!" after Bambang flicked his finger. I Thought it just a joke after cohmy said, "I always in less-confidence when meet Stars or Idol". No wonder it was happen when I tried to gave hand shake and introduced my self as XO member #lol.

For the 2nd times Bambang flicked his finger Cohmy awaken from subsconscious. All team laugh and felt in satisfaction because that moment never happen for 2nd times after we offered Cohmy to hipnotized again. Un-realized we have spent four hours stay at restaurant evaluation completed, to do list has listed, stomach already fulled. Mission accomplished.

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