Rabu, 11 November 2015

Brotherhood Meet Up Again : At Pondok Makan Dua Putri

"November surprising me, please ...... ?!"

One by one my wish being come true this months -"Yes .... !!! Brotherhood Meet up again after few months hiatus from our general agenda on early November - "Thank's November" Time to give a little bit surprise to Evi Isnaini, one of our member (Brotherhood) who has been celebrating 28th birthday last months -"Sorry, Sist your birth day gift came in late time because of our activity lately".

Thursday Evening November 5th, 2015 Me (Omen), emak Defi, bro Arin and ceu Feka new Brotherhood's training member recently already shuttling sista Evi joining on our Dining at Pondok Makan Dua Putri located North site of Galeria Mall in Jl. Prof. Herman Yohanes No. 105, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta who had various kind of dish with fresh or sea water fish as choices also popular in Sea food menu, but don't worry this restaurant still have another dish if you don't like all of kind such as fried rice, noodle, chicken, stir vegetable, etc with reasonable price.

This restaurant has two floor, kitchen & cashier located in first floor with some chair and table also no smoking area and don't forget ordering your meal on this floor first, but we love to enjoy our dining in second floor where you can find small mushola ( a place to pray for moslem), toilet and free to take seat in chair or mat.

All right !! We have arrived in this place at 7:00 pm and let's take order. Fortunately we have emak Defi who are good at choosing dish made of fish so we decide to order five small grilled white grouper with sambal dabu-dabu in one package, medium saute male papaya flower with salted fish, five white rice, six ice tea, one orange juice, two hot plain tea, one mineral water -"wow" it's real party #lol

While waiting for the dishes served, we could enjoy wifi connection, watch television, look into Prof. Herman Yohanes street from top or just chat each other. I love telling story, joking, chating also sharing with them but suddenly smartphone and gadget steal our togetherness. "Ok fine!!!" Dishes already served quickly let's dig in and finish our dining.

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